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Actual reason revealed behind why Dhoni leave captainship

Dhoni : Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India’s limited overs captain suddenly left Wednesday surprised. Limited overs series against England before the Mahi’s decision is confusing because at this moment, in this sense, there was no threat to his captaincy. Dhoni’s quite thoughtfully made this decision in view of the future. Let’s look at the reasons why India’s most successful captain, whose decision will be taken. read also : MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI TELLS TO ‘ENJOY’ Age: 35 years of age has been Dhoni and Virat is still only 28 years. Dhoni due to…

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni HEADLINES Sports Updates 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni tells To ‘Enjoy’ Test Season

Bengaluru: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s short yet mixing discourse had a straightforward message for his fellow team members in front of a bustling season starting with the West Indies visit: “It is vital to have a fabulous time while you playing and on the off chance that you support each other, achievement will be with you in the end”.   Mahendra Singh Dhoni get up and go talk came after the Indian cricketers appreciated a 45-minute ‘drum holding’ session nearby a group of performers on Sunday.India’s restricted overs chief won’t be a…

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