Tanoesoedibjo | Donald Trump’s Indonesian business partner banned from travelling

Indonesian business partner

Indonesian business partner of globetrotting Donald Trump, the Deputy Attorney-General of Indonesia was banned by Jakarta officials from traveling internationally after allegedly sending threatening texts.

Mr. Tanoesoedibjo, a billionaire media mogul who is developing two luxury resorts in Indonesia with the Trump organization, denies that Yulianto, a deputy attorney-general sent texts, were threatening.

Indonesian business partner

Indonesian business partner_adtubeindia

Read one of the text messages: “We will finally prove who is wrong and who is right. Who is a professional and who is a thug, do you think that power will not last forever.”

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While accessing for comments, though in media interviews he repeatedly denied that the text message intended to threaten Mr. Tanoesoedibjo did not respond immediately. “A threat is not like that.

If I become a leader, I will kill you, now that threat is,” Mr. Tanoesoedibjo told this month beginning Kompas.com, an Indonesian news website.

Trump organizes an agreement with Mr Trump Mr. Tanoesoedibjo, in the developed MNC group 2015 of $ 500m- $ 1b million being done to manage two golf management and hotel Mr. Tanoesoedibjo.

With a glamorous wife and sky high political ambition a insolent billionaire, Mr. Tanoesoedibjo is often compared with Mr. Trump, whose inauguration he attended in January.

Mr. Tanoesoedibjo said he is considering running for President but his prospect is likely to be hampered by his minority status as an ethnic Chinese Christian.

He ran away unsuccessfully for the Vice President in 2014 before the founder of the United States Indonesia Party in 2015.

The suggestion of the travel ban to start the police case seriously, as the text messages have been initially informed more than a year and a half ago. If the case moves forward, then it will probably indicate more investigation in the affairs of Mr. Tanoesoedibjo.

Mr. Tuanosoedibjo’s article messages to Mr. Yulianto were notified until last January, after not long after the office of the attorney general Mr. Tanoesoedibjo PT mobile-8 telecommunications, Telecommunications Company he named on the name of a witness in the matter of corruption related to the ownership Gaya.

The billionaire has denied having all hands with alleged tax indemnity fraud that was filed in the company of Mr. Attorney General Taneesoedibjo for questioning last week in connection with the 2007 case of the Attorney General’s office, but he Investigators failed to show offense.

Mr. Tanoesoedibjo has repeatedly said that legal efforts against them are motivated by politics. Mohammad Prastito, the Attorney-General of Indonesia, is a supporter of the National Democrats of the political party of Sri Paloh, left of Mr. Tanoesoedibjo when the owner of a media, Mughal and political party who fell out with Mr. Tanoesoedibjo in 2013.

Officials in Indonesia have issued a travel ban against the Indonesian business partner of the US, after President Donald Trump had accused him of threatening a deputy attorney general, officials said on Monday.

The billionaire Harry Tanosodizo is investigating the case, the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit, which has been banned from leaving Indonesia from June 22 to July 12, said Agung Sampurno, spokesman of the Indonesian Immigration Office.

He said that tourism restrictions can be extended on a police request.

Tanoesoedibjo, 51, better known as Tanoe, is also planning to start the Ambition 2019 by his company this year in Indonesia by building two resorts that is associated with Trump’s business management and license deals In an Indonesian for the President, he is an ambitious politician.

Indonesian business partner

Indonesian business partner_2adtubeindia

National Police spokesman Rikwanto said Tanoe Yulianto, a deputy attorney general for special offense, sent last year’s threat through Mobile-8 Telecom, a telecommunications company that Tanoe once owned a text related text of a 2009 corruption case related to ownership Have been accused of. The police plan to question Tanoe next week.

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Rikwanto was reported after getting threatening messages from being linked to tax restoration crimes against one of the companies of Tanoe who was believed to have tycoon early police last year. Like many Indonesian, Rikwanto and Yulianto use only one name.

Under Indonesian law, there is a four-year sentence for up to four years in jail for using bullying technology.

Tanoe’s lawyer Hotman Parrish Huppia denied the allegations, saying a special person sent from Tanoe’s cellphone did not include any threats.

“My client has no intention to bully any person,” said Hut pea, “motivated by politics.”




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