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Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai | All You Need To Know About Shahrukh Khan’s Property

Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai, An ideal home is a place where peace is present, there is a place where you can relax in the true meaning. Hustle and everyday work is far from the hazard of life. Talking about Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh Khan, his Palm Beach Villa in Dubai, in which he bought for 100 crores but likes to spend his time with his family.

Despite his busy schedule, Shah Rukh Khan visits his property in Dubai whenever he finds time away from media dazzling to spend his time with his family, and Palm Jumeirah is his ideal destination for this.

Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai

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The palatial house of Shahrukh Khan in Mumbai is ‘Mannat’, where a large number of people are standing outside for hours just for a glimpse of the actor.

On the contrary, Shah Rukh Khan’s villa in Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai Palm Jumeirah brings peace to his life and here he is a complete family man.

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In addition to family affairs, he does not miss any possibility of meeting with friends whenever he visits Dubai, for a film shoot or participating in a ceremony.

Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai, Palm Beach Jumeirah is a place to seek luxury all of the rich and influential lives. Sea beauty, red sunset, and Dubai Who would not want to live here.

Most Interesting Facts About Jannat

  • This property in Mumbai is located in K Frond of Palm Jumeirah Shah Rukh Khan Property in Dubai. The villa is named K-93 “Signature Villa”.
  • The exterior of the villa is open to visitors, but entry inside is restricted.
  • The two-floor villa is spread over an area of 8,500 sq. ft.
  • Access to the garages is remote-controlled.
  • The Khan family gets access to water sports and other such activities, deep sea fishing, private beach, shopping and, of course, all of what is there in Jumeirah.
  • The villa is no less than a palace and is painted in white.
  • The gardens are green and a treat to the eyes.


He said that in the same way, in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, a property worth the US $ 65 million, which has been given to him by the developers of the 2007 project ‘Nakhil’ for free.

one of the most expensive houses among nearby They wanted to make a Bollywood celebrity resident at Palm Jumeirah.

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