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Home Insurance

Home Insurance, A ‘House’ is a dream for many people who are lucky, they feel comfortable with the warmth of the house near their own home and their close friends and loved ones. The owner of the house is a proud moment for any person and perhaps he is the biggest investment ever in his lifetime as it involves huge expenditure of money, time and feelings.

Keeping these things in mind, it becomes necessary to ensure that you remove your home and its belongings from the dangers of theft, natural disasters, fire etc. Insurance will come at a fraction of the cost of your home but your family will ensure peace of mind for you.



Home Insurance

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What is Home Insurance?

In often repeated repetition, I am very happy to say ‘I am home’. A house is the rest of the place, the sanctuary and the word signify peace and finality. There is also a huge amount of money, emotions and time spent in a home – once in a lifetime investment Thus, achieving this symbol of independence and achievement against natural disasters and man-made conditions is a matter of very important concern. Therefore, a good, comprehensive and timely home insurance policy is required.

In India, home or property insurance is a popular banking product. Being safe is better than being sorry – The essential principle behind the concept of insurance is particularly applicable to emotional and costly insurance such as your family home. In addition to the structure, a good home insurance policy provides protection to the items/tools / equipment and valuable assets involved in homes. A dependable home insurance policy is not only a guardian of your home but also those precious memories and feelings that live in it.

Features and Benefits of Home Insurance:

By subscribing to a comprehensive home insurance policy, you can enjoy the following features and benefits.

  • Due to natural or man-made reasons, full coverage against loss/loss of your home and/or financial liabilities arising out of its contents.
  • For special protection, surgery and theft cover, earthquake cover etc., thoughtful extra cover etc.
  • 100% mental peace, when these times of social security and environmental upheaval, especially these days there is a solid security for the decline
  • It is easy to apply for a home insurance policy, the time of turnaround is early and almost all the banks in India present this dynamic product.
  • After the disaster, which is damaged/damaged in your home, from time to time, the Home Insurance Payment will help in the family in a comprehensive way, so that their life will return together. Great relief at such times.

What is covered in a Home Insurance policy?

Roughly, home insurance policy building structure and damage to property, theft/theft, loss of jewelry or luggage, loss of goods, Home Insurance loss of home or electrical appliances, damage to electronic equipment and other goods such as paddle cycle etc. Covers.

  • Policy generally covers the structure of your home and material
  • Fire, electricity, explosion / implants
  • Riot Strikes, Malicious and Terrorist Damages
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption and other forms of nature
  • Storm, cyclone, storm, tempest, storm, hurricane, flood and infusion
  • Bush fire
Home Insurance

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  • Aircraft damage and missile test operations
  • Impact loss by rail/road vehicle and animal
  • Relaxed assistance and landslides
  • Water tanks, mechanisms, piping and flowing water
  • Leak from automatic sprinklers

Home Insurance Claim Process:

Looking at the time we live, no home or even outside can not be completely safe outside. The same risk spreads to our valuable things, like our house or vehicle. Therefore, while automobiles are safe by the insurance policy, our home requires equal protection, which can be provided by a home insurance policy. One of the most important elements of the home insurance policy is the claim settlement process.

An easy claim settlement process can easily create or break a home insurance policy The process of claim settlement is very important for the home insurance policy and it is important for every home insurance policy owner to know the basics of the process. Home Insurance Therefore, here are some simple hints when you have to claim insurance.

  • First and foremost, evaluate the continuous damage to the home even if there is no major damage, it is important to guess.
  • If the house has been stolen or stolen, then a FIR should be made to contact the place to register a FIR and contact your insurance provider.
  • One of the more important things, in a situation where there is a continuous loss in the house, is to record through the same picture. Take pictures of the house or you can walk through every part of the house and record the same on the video. Also, do not remove things inside the house that can be damaged. All you need to prove to all your claims.
  • When assessing the causes of damage, you should keep in mind all the costs such as the cost of laborers, materials and even inside the house which are lost or damaged. Apart from this, add any price, in which you can be placed on the alternative living arrangement, while your home is under repair.
  • It is important that you contact your insurance provider before taking any action.
  • Find out your home insurance policy deadline in relation to filing a claim. Generally, companies have a time limit in which you have to file a claim.
  • You have to make sure that there is no further damage to the house. Also, make sure that you save whatever you spend on all the receipts and deposit the insurance provider.
  • After informing the insurer about the damage, you will have to fill out the claim form. Make sure you do not miss any details and also provide the correct information. Apart from this, considering that insurance policies are often time-consuming for filing claims, try sending the completed form as soon as possible so that the claim process can be started.
Home Insurance

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After this, once the company receives your claim form, the insurance company will send a surveyor or adjuster to inspect the damage done to the house. Although the insurance company is unlikely to reject your claim, however, the surveyor’s report of the damage is of particular importance to the decision.

Once the insurance company has accepted the claim, the next step of the process is to settle the payments made to repair the home and to restore the contents of the house, which has been damaged or lost in relation to the claim settlement process.

For any specific question, you can contact your home insurance provider to provide the necessary information. After all, your home is one of your most valuable investments, which should be provided adequate protection just like your loved ones.



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