North Korea H Bomb Test draws condemnation from US | allies | Donald Trump meets Advisors

North Korea H Bomb Test

North Korea H Bomb Test, North Korea organized its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sunday, stating that there was an advanced hydrogen bomb for the long-term missile, in which the situation of governance with the United States and its allies increased dramatically.

The trial also condemned U.S. President Donald Trump, with a strong international condemnation that described North Korea as a “wicked nation” and said its implementation “remains very hostile and dangerous to America.

Trump also appeared to penalize collaborative South Korea, who faces a threat from North Korea’s nuclear program.

North Korea H Bomb Test

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South Korea is searching, as I told them, that their discussion of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing. Trump said in the tweet yesterday morning. The White House said that Trump convened a meeting of his advisers on Sunday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who meet during the BRICS summit in China, have agreed to “make a fair deal” with the North Korean nuclear test.

Hours before the trial, Trump talked about the “growing” nuclear crisis in the region with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The US President had earlier told North Korea to stop the development of nuclear weapons and said that if he threatens the territory of America, then he will rule “fire and anger.

Last week, Trump said that the time to talk was over, though later his defense secretary James Mattis had denied him, who had said that the United States did not end all diplomatic alternatives. Trump’s tweets, however, on Sunday suggested that they support a non-diplomatic solution. The big question now is whether consultants like Matisse and State Secretary Rex Tillers have persuaded not to hasten to politicize diplomacy.

North Korea, which issues its nuclear and missile programs in defying the UN Security Council’s proposals and restrictions, on state television said that the hydrogen bomb test given by leader Kim Jong-N was “complete success”. The bomb was designed to rotate on its newly developed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), the answer said.

The test was registered with international seismic agencies as a man-made earthquake near a test site in the north. Japanese and South Korean officials said that after the final nuclear test of North Korea in 2016, it was 10 times more powerful than the earthquake.

There was no independent confirmation that the explosion was a hydrogen bomb rather than a less powerful nuclear device, but Yoshida Shake of Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary said that Tokyo could not deny such a possibility. Experts who studied the effects of the earthquake caused by the explosion – which was measured in magnitude 6.3 by the US Geological Survey – said that enough strong evidence suggests that the consolidated state has either developed hydrogen bombs or is very close Used to be.

The head of the United Nations Atomic Monitoring Group, IAEA’s Director General Yukiya Amano, said that the nuclear test was “a very sad task” that “did not meet the demands of the international community repeatedly.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-en states that Seoul will take concrete steps to isolate the North East, which will include new restrictions of the United Nations. Japan also raised the possibility of further sanctions and said that North Korea’s oil trade ban will be on the table. China, the only key ally of North Korea, said that it strongly condemns the nuclear test and asked Pyongyang to stop its “wrong” actions.

The United States has urged Beijing to do more to curb its neighbor, but Beijing has prompted the West and its allies in recent weeks to indicate that to do so To be fully responsible for. He has said that on South Korean and United States military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, nothing has been done to ease the tension.

Thermonuclear device?

Under Kim, North Korea is making a nuclear tool smaller and lighter to fit on a long-range ballistic missile under Kim, without being able to influence its border and be able to re-enter.

North Korea claimed in January 2016 to test a hybrid hydrogen bomb, which is also called thermonuclear device, but outside experts suspected that it could be an “enhanced device”, an atom bomb Use some hydrogen isotope to increase explosive gain.

An American official who studies North Korea’s military and politics said it is too early to determine whether the trial had supported the claim of the answer that it was successful in developing a tropical weapon, “very little Mounted on an ICBM and again without the burning of the Earth .

North Korea H Bomb Test

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In July, after two tests of Pyongyang’s ICBM, there is a test between increased regional tension that could potentially fly about 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles), within the boundaries of several parts of the American mainland.One expert said that the size of Sunday’s explosion meant that it could be a hydrogen bomb test.

Kun Yu Suh, professor of nuclear engineering at Seoul National University, said, “Power is higher than 10 or 20 times or earlier.” “This level is up to the level where anyone can say (ha) was a hydrogen bomb test.

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