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Jay Manufacturer – Pump Manufacturer

Jay Manufacturer – Pump Manufacturer

Jay Manufacturer – Pump Manufacturer

Jay Manufacturer is one of reputed Submersible Pump Manufacturers in Rajkot Gujarat. There are many types submersible pumps like bladder pumps, grinder pumps, well pumps, borehole pumps, fountain pumps and more. Its types are based on Pump’s application.

Submersible Pump is a device with a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to Pump body. Submersible Pump is also known as sub pump and electric submersible pump (ESP). It is widely used in agriculture industry. There are numbers of Submersible Pump manufacturers in Rajkot as well as in Gujarat.


Address of Jay Manufacture:

Parshuram Industrial Zone,

Manda Dungar Main Road,

Nr. Ajay Weight Bridge,

Bhavnagar road bypass,



Contact of Jay Manufacturer:



Contact Person of Jay Manufacturer:

Chirag Kamdar


Description / Products of Jay Manufacturer:

Aluminium Alloy ingots, All type of Alloy die casting

Jay manufacturer Submersible pump


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