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Messi: Sentenced to 21 months in jail

Messi messed up:-

A Barcelona court has discovered Barcelona forward Lionel, and his dad, Jorge Horacio Messi, liable of three checks of assessment misrepresentation and has sentenced them to 21 months in jail – albeit nor is prone to serve any correctional facility time..

In an announcement, the court likewise said that the sentence can be requested through the Spanish preeminent court. Under Spanish law, a duty jail sentence under two years can be served under probation, which means lionel and his dad are unrealistic to go to imprison.

The court has additionally requested him to pay a fine of about €2 million ($2.2 million), while his dad was managed a €1.5m fine for the duty avoidance.

The court had been listening to a case brought by prosecutors who keep up that Lionel and his dad, Jorge, utilized duty sanctuaries as a part of Belize and Uruguay and also shell organizations in the U.K. furthermore, Switzerland to abstain from paying expenses totalling €4.1m on profit from picture rights from 2007 to 2009


Barcelona on Wednesday issued an announcement in backing of their star forward, saying that they feel Lionel is not criminally in charge of the expense misrepresentation.

“FC Barcelona gives all its backing to Leo and his dad with connection to the sentence for assessment avoidance passed out by the Provincial Court in Barcelona today,” the announcement read. “The Club, in concurrence with the Government arraignment administration, considers that the player, who has amended his position with the Spanish Tax Office, is not the slightest bit criminally mindful as to the actualities underlined for this situation.

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“FC Barcelona keeps on being at the transfer of Leo Messi and his family to bolster him in whatever move he chooses to make with regards to his genuineness and his lawful advantages.”


The prosecutors had called for prison sentences for both Messis, and the court chose to pass out such a discipline, albeit they both denied any hardheaded wrongdoing. Lionel conceded in court a month ago that he marked numerous reports without perusing their substance and that he went to a public accountant’s office to proceed with setting up an organization to handle his funds without understanding what was going on.

In 2013, the Barcelona player was set to abstain from confronting any charges, as the Spanish income benefit at first acknowledged that he had no learning of any wrongdoing and rather squeezed all charges against his dad.


At the point when news of the examination first softened up the mid year of 2013, the lionel paid over €5m needing to take care of overdue business and additional charges. They are likewise accepted to have paid €10m in charges due on the picture rights pay for 2010 and 2011.

In February, Messi’s fellow team member Javier Mascherano was given a one-year jail sentence for not legitimately paying his expenses. The sentence was conceded for a long time after his legitimate group dismisses the choice to pay another €280,000 ($312,000) fine, which it considered over the top.

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