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5 awesome tips for staying motivated and to change your life

Motivated :

When you have taken up a journey to get motivated that is time consuming and will lead you to success after a sizable number of years, the most difficult task is to stay motivated..

If you are someone who can get and stay motivated without much effort, then it’s great. But if you are someone who gets disappointed and unprovoked when you see no result coming out of your hard work then it’s a huge obstacle in your path.

Staying motivated when there is no visible outcome appears is difficult but here are 5 tips that can help you staying motivated in your hard times:

  1. What is Your Driving Force?

Each and every individual has that driving or motivational force. Find out your own. It can be your family, your desire to be successful, deep down feelings of making the world a better place etc… whatever drives the person from within is his/her driving force. Recognize it and run for it. You must have at least a reason to keep you going. Every individual should know for what reason he/she wants that desired success. That reason is the motivational force. As simple as that!

Even if no result appears, even if your hard work seems unending, the motivation keeps you going with energy and positivity.


  1. Know What You Can Lose

Human beings are tricky animals to handles. We are so difficult to control and too easy to handle if handled with trick. Take the thinking in reverse gear and imagine what will you lose if you don’t get going? What will happen to your dreams if you leave the task undone? How will you ever going to face yourself in the mirror? Will your condition be any good if you see yourself as a ‘Quitter?’ If the answer of above questions give negative impression then just get going my friend!

The fear of loss works as a stimulant for many people.


 “The experience of pain or loss can be a formidably motivating force.” – John C. Maxwell

  1. Be Organized

Being busy is good only if you have organized brain and a plan in front of you. If you are just running without any map, the journey will be tiresome and unending.

Give yourself some time to think. Meditate for five minutes. Few long deep breaths will calm you. Then, make a list of things to do. Prioritize the list and then go for it.

The setting of priorities will help you staying motivated because that enables you see your task in a more clear way. The focus won’t shake and efforts seem to give results. The work won’t seem unending. You will have a map to follow, things to do and step by step success to celebrate.


  1.  Don’t Leave It, Go for Plan B

If you are sure that you are giving out your 100% but things are not working as per your expectation then you may be doing it in a wrong method. Approach must be checked. Destination you have chosen can be absolutely a great one but path may not. Here is the time when ‘Back Up’ plan comes in picture.

Remember that you are not a quitter or a loser. You are just solving the formula with the help of different method. Trying new plan will give you an entire new perspective along with fresh energy and motivation.

  1. Learn the Art of Leaving

Feelings, emotions, past embarrassing memories etc are able to grab you with them if you don’t let it go. Learn the art of leaving negativity out of your mind. Don’t worry what other people think about your shortcomings. Nobody can entertain every single person in his life. It is okay if you cannot be the version of someone’s expectation. Just be yourself. Work hard yet smart and stay motivated.

Negative experience and emotions are able to occupy you and will make you unfocused. By holding the unnecessary garbage, you will not have space for good things in your brain. Clean it up and just let it go.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” – Hermann Hesse

Follow the tips and stay motivated all the time.

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