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Pink Movie Review: Amitabh Bachchan, Who always Shines

Pink :

Pink is a periodically youth-centric film with a powerful social relevant message  about respecting young women and the linking  young women of today make.

  • Genre : Drama , Thriller
  • Cast : Amitabh Bachchan, Kirti Kulhari,  Angad Bedi, Taapsee Pannu,  Andrea Tariang, Piyush Mishra, , Raashul Tandon, Dhritiman Chatterjee and Tushar Pandey
  • Director : Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury

Movie is about  real women who are forced to face the anger of entitled males. Women crime is only if they said no to anyone.

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It’s a brave, powerful  Hindi mainstream film which aims to show real young women who live real lives and often deal with more painful day-to-day issues, which young women the world over will recognize and relate with.

The three female protagonists of ‘Pink’ are your regular young women.

Falak (Kirti Kulhari) works in a corporate set-up where image is all.  Minal (Taapsee Pannu) is an events manager, whose work can expand into the late hours. Andrea (Tarring) is from the ‘North-East’ , Meghalaya, she says, but directly  no one is interested in the particularly  girls who come from the `North East’ are fair game, even if they are covered from top to toe. They are flatmates and share flat in a ‘posh’ at South Delhi locality, and they meet first when they are heading back in a cab in the early hours of the morning, upset about something that has just happened.

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When a girl says no, that means she actually mean it and says “no”, “nahin”, “don’t want”, “nada”, “don’t bother me”,  It actually mean it to “just go away”. It can also be a forward to powerful language if the aggressor in question reject to back off.

The young woman can wear jeans , short skirts or Tees. She can laugh and reach out to a young man in a friendly fashion.  She can be present at rock concerts. She can even be, shake, sexually experienced, She can have a drink or two in his company.

In movie three women’s have courage to face all this problems and deal with it.

That it has taken Bollywood so long to make a movie which says it so fairly, without prevaricating, without hiding about the bush or using obfuscator language, tells us a great deal about the country we live in, and the social mores that its women have had to live by, immersed under disabling patriarchy and misogyny and a grasp of mistaken modesty, if you are clutched or worse, you must have done something to induce your molester. So cross your hands across your chest, put your head down, and keep shut.


Pink reminded of Jodi Foster’s The Accused in which her character is gang-raped in a bar, because she wears a short skirt, jeans, she is made out to be a woman on the make, and has been drinking.  Something similar happens here, but it is all three women who have to face the harm of the anger that such male entitlement comes with, ridicules thought like ‘aisi ladkiyon ke saath toh aisa hi hota hai’.

Kulhari ,Pannu, and Tariang, all are very good, typify the dilemma of the modern working young women and they live in Delhi, and the young men who speak them are very much a part of a few kind of plump North Indian character,  They terrify but are too funky to do this on their own, requiring  care and protection from the restriction  of police and `netas’ and which exists only to protect them, not call them out on their wrong-doing , but this could happen anywhere , and not just in India.

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Amitabh Bachchan as Deepak Sehgall, the aged defense lawyer, shines as always, in a restrained, but energetic performance. His performance come primarily in the form of his well-modulated baritone, conveying his emotions and of course, from the well-written lines.

Piyush Mishra as Prashant, the incrimination  lawyer, is brilliant, and powerful person  as he make success in the audience neglecting him for his rogue remarks against women and the communistic  norms they must conform to.

Angad Bedi as Rajveer, the prejudiced rich son of a politician, makes the most of his bounf screen time. He is acute, becomes the character he is seek and delivers a reliable performance.

The rest of the cast too, including  the kind-hearted landlord, the three friends of Rajveer, the lady police officer, support the main actors with their powerful performances.

The strength of the film, apart from its huge performances, are its taut dialogues ,and screenplay. Continental with a language that the youth of today will relate to, the dialogues are hard-hitting and poke a sine instantly, as they are packed with suitable messages. Gesture comes in the form of the derisive dialogues, and lightens the element of the otherwise acute film.

With average production values and  Cinematographer Abhik Mukhopadhay’s lens captures the drama in a realistic manner.


The only song in the film, “Kaari Kaari Raina”, is used impressively to change the mood and messages in the film.

Overall, Pink is an evocative film on young working women, brimming with messages relevant for society, and keeps you riveted to the screen.

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