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Best quality Activa Electrical Submersible Pump in Rajkot, Gujarat

Electrical Submersible Pump :

Activa Electrical Submersible Pump is one of reputed Submersible Pump Manufacturers in Rajkot of Gujarat. There are huge types submersible pumps like bladder pumps, grinder pumps, borehole pumps, well pumps, fountain pumps and many more. Its types are based on Pump’s application.

Submersible Pump is a device with a hermetically sealed motor closecoupled to Pump body. Submersible Pump is also known as sub pump and electric submersible pump (ESP). It is mainly used in agriculture industry. There are numbers of Submersible Pump manufacturer in Rajkot as well as in Gujarat.


Do you know what is submersible pump?

A submersible pump is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole meeting is submerged in the melted to be pumped. The main benefit of this type of pump is that it stop pump cavitation, a problem related with a high promotion difference between pump and the liquid surface. Submersible pumps push liquid to the surface as opposed to jet pumps having to pull fluids. Submersibles are more efficient than jet pumps.

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How it works?

The submersible pumps used in Electric Submersible Pump installations are multistage axifugal pumps operating in a vertical position. Although their operational and constructional features underwent a constant evolution over the years, their basic operational principle remained the same. Produced liquids, after being subjected to great forces caused by the high rotational speed of the stimulant, lose their kinetic energy in the amplifier where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place. This is the main operational network of mixed and radial flow pumps.

Electrical Submersible Pump1_adtubeindia

The pump shaft is connected to the gas separator or the protector by a mechanical coupling at the end of the pump. When liquids enter the pump through an intake screen and are raised by the pump stages.Different parts include the radial bearings distributed along the length of the shaft providing radiant support to the pump rod turning at high rotational speeds. An optional thrust bearing takes up part of the axial forces growing in the pump but mostly of those forces are absorbed by the protector’s thrust bearing.

Features of Activa Submersible Pump in Rajkot :

  • Easy maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Longer service life

They are the leading supplier and manufacturer of the Activa Submersible Pump. their pumps are manufactured by using superb quality raw material and advanced technology. To ensure the quality, the entire range of offered product is passed through a class of test on varient parameters. The entire range of offered product is available in various sizes, dimensions and specifications at affordable prices.

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Submersible pump :

  • V-3 3″ Bore well Submersible Water Filled Pump sets with S.S. Body convenient for 78 mm Bore Dia in Single Phase – 220 Volts – 50 Hz
  • V-6 6″ Borewell Submersible Water Filled Pumpsets with S.S. Body, C.I. Bowl & Nylon Impeller suitable for 150 mm Bore Dia
  • V4 4″ Borewell Submersible Water Filled Pumpsets with S.S. Body suitable for 100 mm Bore Dia in Single Phase & Three Phase-50 Hz
  • V7 Horizontal Monoset Openwell Pumps with S.S. Body in Single Phase-220 Volts & Three Phase-415 Volts in 50 Hz
  • V-6 6″ Borewell Submersible Water Filled Pumpsets with S.S. Body, S.S. Bowl & S.S. Impeller suitable for 150 mm Bore Dia
  • V9 Horizontal Monoset Openwell Pumps with SS Body in Three Phase-415 Volts in 50 Hz
Electrical Submersible Pump2_adtubeindia

Do’s :

  1. Always rest the pumps on NRV.
  2. Always suspend the pumpset at least 3 mtrs. above the bottom of the bore.
  3. Check the water quality before filling in the motor.
  4. Always check the cable joints and vertical play after coupling the pumpset.
  5. The pumps must be installed 1 mtrs. below the water level surface.
  6. Run the pumpset until pure water comes out.
  7. Bending of cable must be avoided
  8. Always use a good quality control panel.

Don’t ‘s :

  1. Don’t run the pump if any of the following defects are observed.
  2. Water is sandy or acidic.
  3. If discharge valve is closed for more than 4 minutes.
  4. If there is no water.
  5. If the problem of single phasing arises.
  6. Minimum interval between the start and stop of the motor must be 1 minute.
  7. Don’t pull the motor with the help of cable.

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Address of Activa Submersible Pump in Rajkot :

Somnath Industrial Area,

Kothariya Railway Crossing,

Opp. Krishna Park Hotel,

Gondal Highway,


Contact detail of Activa Submersible in Rajkot :

Tel:   0281-2782888
Mo: +91 98257 23323



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