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India ban Pakistan from world cup and win the tournament

India ban Pakistan  :

India ban Pakistan from Kabaddi World Cup because India and Pakistan’s political stress turned more sour and transferred to sports this time. India, the hosts of this year’s edition of the Kabaddi World Cup haven’t invited Pakistan for this tournament.

The chief of the International Kabaddi association, Deoraj Chaturvedi said in a statement, “This is not the correct time to beat with Pakistan. Pakistan is a precious member of the IKF but looking at the recent portfolio and in the best interest of both the nations, we decided that Pakistan must be stop from the championship.”

On the other hand though, the Pakistani skipper, Nasir Ali has exclaim messy, citing the reasons that Pakistan were favorites for the World Cup and have been stolen off the chance to do so.  “We were hoping to win the World Cup in India by beating India,” Ali said, adding one more fact that the fans were being refuse matches between the top two sides.

Pakistan has been ban from the Kabaddi World Cup in India amid rising tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

India ban Pakistan1_adtubeindia

The International Kabaddi association said “this is not the correct time to join with Pakistan”. The two-week-long event begins on Friday.

The neighbours last month respondent each other of expanding hostilities along their de-facto border in Kashmir.

Kabaddi is a full-contact team sport which arise in India.

The championship in India’s western city of Ahmedabad will feature top sides from England , Australia, Iran, Kenya, Poland, South Korea, newcomers, Argentina and the US.

“We have called a conference to discuss this issue but let me tell you that a Kabaddi World Cup is no world cup without Pakistan,” said the chief of the Pakistan Kabaddi Federation, Rana Muhammad Sarwar.

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Now question is what Kabaddi ??

  • Kabaddi is a full-contact team sport originating in India
  • Two teams take turns to send a “raider” to the other’s territory, or half
  • The player has to tag any one of the opposing team’s four “stoppers” and return “home” within 30 seconds to win the raid
  • If not the stoppers win the raid
  • The objective is to win as many points as possible either through raiders or through stoppers

Relations between India and Pakistan have rapidly damaged since last month, when warrior carried out the deadliest attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir in years. India blamed the attack on Pakistan, which has refused the claim.

Last week, India said it had react by carrying out “surgical strikes” against doubtful warrior along the de-facto border with Pakistan in Kashmir.

Pakistan refused that India had carried out any strikes and said two of its soldiers were killed in uncaused cross-border shelling.

With the recent loss India had to undergo in the Asian Beach Games in Vietnam

against Pakistan, the news that has come out isn’t the rare bit unexpected!

India ban Pakistan2_adtubeindia

Pakistan beat India in the ABG’s kabaddi finals and won the tournament. A country that brag championship in the sport and hasn’t really seen much loss, defeated in the finals against a team that hardly gets the same amount of financial and international support for its pehelwans as their neighboring pattern.

With the upcoming Kabaddi World Cup being held in India, India has taken this chance to make sure their win in the tournament by default.

Using the current cross-border tensions between the two countries as an excuse, Pakistan has been barred to participate in the event.

We all know. If Pakistan doesn’t participate in a Kabaddi World Cup, it surely isn’t a World Cup at all!

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Whether or not the World Cup organizers are strongly forced to pull down the decision or not, that is yet to be seen. One thing is endure they are actually scared on a surgical strike by the Pakistani team inside their own borders!

The 12-nation Kabaddi World Cup begins this week in India, with a row over a decision to secure archrivals Pakistan from competing bullying to overshadow the tag-wrestling sport’s showcase event.

Terrifically Iran clash with newcomers the US in tomorrow’s opening round of the competition, which also includes top sides from  England, Kenya Poland, South Korea , Australia  and Argentina.

With the World Cup last staged nine years ago, teams are glad the opportunity to compete in the two-week event being held in India’s western city of Ahmedabad.

The traditional South Asian sport that mixes tag and wrestling and is growing in popularity has been hit with controversy over a decision to withdraw highly imagine Pakistan.

Pakistan accused the IKF of unfairly targeting the country, saying both competitor nations should have been kept out if there were security anxity.

Hostilities between the nations have burn after India said last week it conducted warrior strikes inside Pakistan against warrior, warm up rage from Islamabad.

The strikes came after terrorist enacted the deadliest attack on an Indian army base in more than a ten, which an furious New Delhi blamed on Pakistani-based terrorist.

The World Cup comes as the ancient game, played in sandy parks across India for generations and once tagged with a dowdy image, is enjoying a new lease of life.

India ban Pakistan3_adtubeindia

Kabaddi requires yoga-like breathing skills as two seven-member teams send a raider into their enemy’s half of the court to tag an opponent before returning — in just one breath.

Attackers chant “kabaddi, kabaddi” to prove they are not inhaling.

The game is played in about 35 countries, but it is dominated by India, where it originated.

Iran, who lost to India in the previous two World Cup finals in 2007 and 2004, have a relatively easy first match against first-timers the US.

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An opening-day double header also sees India lock horns with South Korea.

A round-robin tournament, the top two sides from the pools qualify for the semis, with the final on Oct. 22.


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