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Some Facts About Shifuji: The Best Commando Trainer

Shifuji :

Grandmaster Shifuji is the organizer, Successor,Great Grandmaster and originator of Indian warrior ministers tradition,He is additionally the author and father of Mission Prahar-Sashakt Hi Surak, Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Meri Mitti, He is A fervent pupil of Shri Yoga Siromani Shiv Shankar ji “DADU”, Pehelwan Narayan Singh Thakur( Khalifa ), Late Shree Khem Bahadur Gurung, Shree Pehelwan Ratiram Ji.

An armed force is not made by weapons but rather by the fighters.’ A genuine articulation, armed force is about the warriors that serve and these officers are thrown into being the best by the mentors and thorough preparing. As the Indian Army is good to go to commend the 68th Army Day on January 15, 2016 we convey to you a few truths about Shifuji who is the best commando coach.


Fantastic ace Shifuji Shaurya Bhardawaj is an Indian armed force commando coach, guide and hand to hand fighting master…

He is having the obligation to prepare the most brutal and fatal commandos in the armed force camp yet they stay exceptionally stuble…

He has been extraordinarily enlisted for the preparation of MP Police commandos, Force one commandos (Maharashtra after 26/11)

He has prepared Tiger shroff for the motion picture Baaghi…

He is a devotee of bhagat singh, bismil, sukhdev and rajguru…

He is the person who have begun preparing 1000s of understudies for self protection exceptionally young ladies.

  1. He is the Grandmaster of Kung-fu

Grandmaster Shifuji Deepak Dubey is trained in Indian martial arts, Chinese Shaolin Kung-fu, Yin (medicine-self healing) and many more. He is the 32nd generation monk of Shaolin temple. He trained under Da Shifuji Shi De Yang, The Super Grandmaster of Shaolin and Headmaster of Shaolin temple.


2. The only Indian Shifu trainer

Having learnt Akhara Kushtee, Kallaripayattu Indian Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung-fu at the 5th century Shaolin Temple in China and 69 other deadliest killing skills, along with oldest fighting systems in existence, Grand master Shifuji is the founder, Successor, Great Grand master & founder of Indian warrior monks tradition.


3. The Best Commando Trainer since 2008

He is the chief mentor for all the elite Indian Commando units like the elite Para Commandos, Hawks, etc. Along with this he also has the accomplishment of training commandos for six other nations.


4. Started ‘Mission Prahar-Sashakt Hi Surakshit’

It is free 2 day training for girls to fight away molesters using duppatas, credit cards, earrings, etc. His objective is to train 1 crore girls in self defense.


5. Special trainer for Mumbai QRT Commandos

After 26/11 Mumbai Police looked upon him for training a commando unit of police to deal such future attacks.


6. Founder of ‘Mission Nirbhay – Saksham Sarvatra Vijyet (Fearless India)’

The mission aims to promote patriotism in youth.


7. Brand Ambassador

He is the brand ambassador of Madhya Pradesh since 2012.


8. A true patriot and a lovely soldier

He has started programs like ‘Mission Prachand Bharat’, ‘Mission Meri Mitti’ to motivate Indian people for working towards India. Here are few lines he said at an event:-

He said as a soldier his desire is:-

काश मेरी ज़िदगी में सरहद की कोई शाम आये,
काश मेरी ज़िन्दगी मेरे वतन के काम आये,
ना खौफ है मौत का और ना आरज़ू है जन्नत की,
मगर जब कभी ज़िक्र हो शहीदो का काश मेरा भी नाम आये|

He sees his motherland as his mother:-

किसी के हिस्से में मकान आया,
किसी के हिस्से में दुकान आई,
मैं घर में सबसे छोटा था,
मेरे हिस्से में माँ आई|


9. Idealizes great revolutionaries

He draws his inspiration from great revolutionaries like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Ramprasad Bismil, etc. He even runs a program called Mission Bhagat Singh to honour the brave heart.


10. Invented many of his own fighting techniques

Shatru Vinashak Killing Skills, Extreme Urban warfare, Military Martial Arts, Special modified Close Quarter Battle & Special Commandos VIP Protection skills of the Elite Special Forces are few of his own inventions.


11. A true stuntman

Mentor of many top action directors, actors and most of the top stuntmen.


12. Very humble

Even after being so famous and powerful he is a very humble personality.

A grand salute to all those soldiers who fight to keep us safe. Thanks to every individual of The Indian Army who sacrifice and fight for our tomorrow.

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