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Befikre movie review Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor make best chemistry

Befikre :

A not all that shudh desi romance, Befikre is approving as an inefficient request to the experiences of discharge youth.

The film plays out generally on touristy areas in the French capital and on various move floors and dance club.

In any case, are its pretty edges and foot-tapping melodies worth the cost of a multiplex ticket? All things considered, depends completely on what one is looking for from an end of the week watch.

Produced, written and directed by Aditya Chopra, the free-wheeling story of desire and love gets covered under a terrible greater part of joke that in the long run yields close to layers of surface streamer: decent to view yet unstable in the principle.

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Here is no disclaiming that Befikre is wonderfully organized and lensed. In this way, regardless of how meager the film is as an investigation of physical energy and its pitfalls, there is no motivation to trust that it would not be group satisfying.

The film closes by urging the crowd to “kiss free, love free, live free” while suggest can’t help suspecting that marriage is similar to hopping off a height into the ocean.


In any case, not to stress, the message that Befikre transmits is: if love is sufficiently solid, you will glide. On the off chance that it is not, you dive into the obscure. The result: “love is life”.

Furthermore, that takes us appropriate back to the aphorism of Yash Chopra’s sentimental dramatizations. Along these lines, taking all things into account, Befikre is not as basic as might appear at first look.

The script gives the right now high-flying Ranveer Singh all the open door he needs to give full rein to the common ham in him.

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As a joyful young who flips for each young lady he sets his eyes on, the multiplicity inclined on-screen character capitalizes on the part, setting off to the degree of shining his derriere in one cast and-miss minute jump upon us out of nowhere.

Despite the fact that Ranveer’s science with the stately Vaani Kapoor is normal, best case scenario, the two leads convey satisfying exhibitions.


Shockingly, Befikre has no plot worth the name to lift the passionate pull of-war between the heroes out of the swamp of dullness.

The youthful couple attaches, separate and connect again for reasons that are as slight as they are self-assertive. Stream alongside the tide of madness, and you may really appreciate extends of this unusual stop-go ride.

The two lead characters need to seem to be cool, present day, tolerant, non-judgmental people, yet neither one of the stops shy of calling each different name in a crunch.

Shyra is dead against the soft sort of adoration that Hindi movies spread. So she is not one to go senseless over her dishy sweetheart. On his part, Dharam, if not excessively duty phobic, is glad simply being a decent companion.

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So Befikre is a romantic tale with a slight contrast. On the off chance that exclusive it had more stories and less adore, it may have been a vastly improved and more adjusted film.

In the city of adoration, a high quality comic from Delhi, Dharma Gulati (Ranveer), who has migrated to liven up his companion’s battling bar frequented by desi mavericks, fancies a Parisian strolling visit manage Shyra Gill (Vaani).


The couple pulls out all the stops and starts a no-quid pro quos live-in relationship even as the young lady’s preservationist Punjabi culinary expert guardians noiselessly dislike the indulgence.

In Befikre, what happens in Paris should not have strayed past the primary square of the Louver.

The film goes much further abroad looking for genuine romance and loses its direction. On the off chance that you hole that inclination, Befikre may be straight up your lane.



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