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Augusta deals Mitchell’s diaries revealed, in a political family received Rs 115 crore bribe 

Chopper Scam

Chopper Scam

India’s most influential political families of the AgustaWestland deal to a family and to bring the perpetrators of 1.6 million euros (Rs 115 crore) was ingestion. These middleman and British arms seller to disclose the deal’s key Christian Michel is the secret notes. AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal was in the UPA.

India Today TV Mitchell’s handwritten notes in addition to the e-mail is present. They can be known that the VVIP chopper deal, what kind of scam was carried out.


Deal Master middleman Michelle carefully placed these notes is saved. These irrefutable evidence that by staying behind the scenes kind middlemen 3,600 crore during the Manmohan Singh government led to the realization of the contract. The Manmohan Singh government had signed the contract in 2010.


Mitchell notes seized by the Italian police and later the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has surrendered. They show that the parent company Finmeccanica’s AgustaWestland 5.2 million (Rs 373 crore) in India’s budget to carry out the deal was put to the ingestion. The bribe was to be given to those in India who have had the strength to take decisions regarding the deal.

Notifications were sent by fax and email

Mitchell had chosen Finmeccanica broker for the business in India. Mitchell his bosses in Europe on a regular basis all the activity taking place in the country lived. Mitchell’s notes reveal that she and the alleged middleman Guido Hske canceled the helicopter contract was in constant touch. Highly placed sources in CBI said all information was sent via fax and email. Sources told India that Michelle was in the diaries of the fact, confirmed by Secretary Michael CBI said. Secretary had typed some content themselves.


An entry of March 15, 2008 India’s top leaders have named Mitchell who was out of the government’s official positions. In a letter to be read is’ VIP driving force behind Mrs Gandhi, that no longer Brengi Mi-8 in flight. “Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Ahmed Patel’s key advisers noted was.

Mitchell separately for a family of 1.5 and 1.6 million euros to the provision said. The ‘AP’ putting aside 30 million euros was done. Mitchell said it was not clear who the family is and ‘AP’ is who.

Mitchell said the diaries ‘AP’ Patel noted that about whether or not they remained vague and unsubstantiated. Mitchell’s diaries revealed that probably 60 million euros from the Indian Air Force officials, ranging from 1.5 to 8.4 million euro and 16 million euro bureaucrats were given to a political family.


Mitchell’s notes also show that the high-profile contract negotiation committee (CNC) lived up to the meetings of the internal information. Mitchell’s claims, according to influential people in India who have been bribed by the Russian and US Coprs helped to dismiss. Mitchell also notes the PMO, SPG, CVC and be exposed to Defence Ministry officials recalled.

April 10, 2008 can be read in a note is’ seen in the presentation of the offers that were dismissed Rusion on technical screw, this incident is not clear how Thak’isse brokers are sitting abroad Military What kind of contract to acquire the Indian system perverted. Mitchell also noted done “deliberately and think before we in this situation are trying to eliminate the competition.”


Senior investigators say that information about them before meeting Mitchell tended to. He probably sees no position to subsidize 52 million euros in its massive budget remains able to offer large sums. Mitchell’s list of the 60 million Euro bribe IAF officers to be given at least 4 mentions. Their names were mentioned by their official positions. E.g. DCH (Deputy Chief of the Air Staff), PDSR (Project Director Service Requirement), FTT (Field Trial Team) and DG Maintenance (Director General Air Force Maintenance).


Mitchell also subsidize the diaries allegedly transported by the Ministry of Defence is filed. At that time, defense minister AK Antony. Presumably hefty 84 million euros less than 5 senior bureaucrats of the Ministry of Defense sent to. Even the CAG. Their names are recorded in the notes of Mitchell DS (Defense Secretary), JSAF (Joint Secretary of the Air Force), AFA (Additional financial advisor Air Force), DG ACQ (DG Acquisitions), CVC (Central Vigilance Commission), Auditor General (CAG). And entered into a letter-the family wants to honor their agreement. The “family” and “Agreement” has been linked to 28 million euros.

10 April 2008, in the diary that CCS (Cabinet Committee on Security), the ‘us towards making sense spokesman appointed to negotiate. ” February 8 of that year, the letter claimed that Cheyrman’rajhi CVC wish to exhibit. ”

Michelle has written a maintenance commands make it possible to place all the technical issues, are ready to work with us. CBI’s former top Air Force chief SP Tyagi said investigators while serving two and a half million was invested in real estate. AgustaWestland Solitaire now in custody for their alleged involvement in the scam.

However Tyagi claimed that he had received the same amount from the sale of land was re-invested. The CBI suspects that the amount was as solitaire Augusta ingestion. According to senior officials on behalf of the investigators in the next few weeks is expected to be filed first. They believe the deal would present enough evidence to establish manipulate. CBI sources said the investigation will focus on civil servants and politicians now suspect.

India Today’s diaries from the Mitchell report on access and content, the Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala is’ in this case who is stopping the government from taking action? “Surjewala said,” Whatever action has been taken in the UPA, he said. This process is initiated by the company to blacklist contains seizures. Now the big question is why all this is happening. The Government had been two and a half years? ”




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