Agriculture Magazine

Industrial Magazine- revolution returns

Adtube India has introduced a very inclusive Agriculture magazine, read about the areas it covers in best writing service. In the magazine, firms related to pump, pipe, cable, panel, solar heater, diesel engine, floor mill, transportation, lighting, machine tools, and industrial valve and so on and so forth… have variety of spaces for the convenience of our clients: business owners and consumer. The spaces provided are:

  • Half Page Size - 19cm (W) * 12.5cm (H)
  • Full Page Size - 19cm (W) * 25.5cm (H)
  • Strip Size- 19cm (W) * 1.5cm (H)
  • Tag Size -  5cm (W) * 12cm (H)
  • Every Page Logo 
  • Visiting Card-   5cm (W) * 3cm (H)
  • Double Visiting Card-  5cm(W) * 6cm (H)
  • Dealers Quarter Page -  10.4cm(W) * 6cm(H)
  • Co. Quarter Page-  9.25cm(W) * 12.5cm(H)
  • Column Page - 5cm(W) * 18.5cm(H)
  • Every City Square Logo  

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