Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS- all about making you- Known

Adtube India is also providing bulk SMS service to their clients. A large number of prestigious business owners of apparels and accessories are our consecutive clients. You can read about this type of business on top writing service in this way, https://topwritingservice.com/ will tell about various bureaucratic and economic cases.

SMS spread by us are pertaining to area wise publicity. We keep in mind the need of sender and receiver i.e. our clients and consumers of their products. We also avail the clients with scheduled SMS facility and DND filter facility so we can make them known to a large number of people.

Our Clients are:

  • Pink & Blue
  • Kanhai Selection
  • Siyaram Clothes
  • Peter England
  • Donear
  • Kingdom Men’s
  • Baby land
  • Blue Club Collection
  • Sakshi Collection
  • Rodies and many more…

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