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Highlights of Narendra Modi’s Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge gathering in Balasor, Orissa. The motto was Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’. Here are the highlights of this huge public gathering.

This is the love of people that they have come in such a great number..

Your enthusiasm inspires me to work even harder.

People give me enthusiasm by loving this ‘Prime Servant’.

I was born in Somnath and am addressing a public gathering in Jaggannath.

Changes are seen in the west end of the country.

Development can be seen in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Hariyana.

Modi said that Balasor was happened to be so important in Kalinga time. I have come to the soil of Jaggannath who is lord of the needy and suffering.

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Great poet Kalidas had given the King of Kalinga, a title of Lord of Ocean. He also said that future is bright here.

Modi said that we try that public involvement is in Government schemes. Government and public should come hand in hand to solve social problems.

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Balasor is also known as ‘missile city’. Thus, it’s famous across the globe and not only in India.

When Gandhiji started ‘Dandi March’ to oppose British, people of here supported him with Salt Satyagrah.



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