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Messenger : Features that make Facebook Messenger hot

Messenger :


Messenger lets you easily add friends to group chats so you can make dinner or travel plans or just talk about your day. Although this is also possible using your any browser, it’s more suitable with the app..

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If kicking people off mobile browser messaging is the stick to prod people toward the app, the convenience of Messenger is the carrot to attract users. Tapping the “groups” icon at the bottom of the screen will take you to existing group chats and now let you start new ones.

You can add people to group chats at any time, or leave the group also anytime. If you have an often-used group chat, you can also “pin” it to the top of your messages to make it easily accessible.


Who wants to chat with people when you can chat with … bots?


Since April, Facebook has let outside businesses create “chat bots” that can send you the news or weather, help you shop for shoes or book plane tickets and hotel rooms and many more. You send a message to a brand’s bot just as you would a friend; but the difference is that the reply is automated through software. The results can be talentless, as expected for such a new journy.

But bots can be more helpful. For example, lets you search for hotels and book them by messaging with its bot. Start by telling the bot where you are going and when. After some back and forward, the bot will give you hotel options.

This is just the start. May be one day, the bot will be more useful by letting you book directly through Messenger.

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