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Secrets reveled of Red Marks on Athletes body

Red marks :

The Rio Olympics have risen to a level that is exciting. Undoubtedly the last two days have given results that have both surprising and shocking qualities in them. Team USA has bagged 19 medals and leading the event and China is behind the USA with 13 medals. In the midst of all these high voltage excitement, one thing has caught fan’s attention and that is red circular cup sized marks on different athletes’ body. The red marks provoke the curiosity to know what they are and the reason behind their present on athletes’ body..

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What are these red marks?

These red marks are the outcome of an ancient therapy called ‘Cupping’. The treatment includes placing heated cups on the body to heal the person from pain. The therapy works in a strange manner. Once there is a fall in the temperature, it promotes the flow of blood by creating suction. The red marks appear because the technique pulls the skin away from the body when suction got created.

Why are the athletes doing it?

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Some athletes believed that the therapy helps them reducing the pain caused by consistent training sessions and restore the physical strength soon. Gymnast Alex Naddour and the swimmer Michael Phelps from USA were the eye catcher as they are more prominent. About the effect of the therapy, the gymnast Alex Naddour quoted that,

That’s been the secret that I have had through this year that keeps me healthy. It’s been better than any money I’ve spent on anything else.

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The therapy is well spread among female athletes too. it turns out to be unisex when famous athlete and twelve time gold medal champion Natalie Coughlin from USA took it. she also had positive review about the entire therapeutic system of ‘Cupping’.

Who else is known to do it?

Big names including Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber are taking this therapy to be healthy and fit. The local market of salons and spas seem to promote this therapy as celebs have turned their heads to it.

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So, all is well with your favorite athletes and the spooky red marks are nothing but the result of their own choice of staying fit.

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