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BSNL launches at Rs. 249 Unlimited Broadband Plan for New Customers


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.(BSNL) was unified on 15th September 2000 . It hold over the business of enduing of telecom services and network management from the erstwhile Central Government Departments of Telecom Services which is DTS and Telecom Operations which is DTO, with impact from 1st October‘ 2000 ongoing anxiety foundation. It is one of the largest & head public sector units providing extensive spectrum of telecom services in India.

BSNL has installed virtue Telecom Network in the country & now focusing on renovating it, enlarging the network, familiarize new telecom services with ICT applications in villages & conquering customer’s appearance. Today, it has about 43.74 million line basic telephone efficiency, 8.83 million WLL efficiency, 72.60 million GSM efficiency, 37,885 steady exchanges, 68,162 GSM BTSs, 12,071 CDMA Towers, 197 Satellite Stations, 6,86,644 RKm. of OFC, 50,430 RKm. of microwave network linking 623 districts, 7330 cities and towns & 5.8 lakhs villages .


BSNL is now going to launch a very cost-effective plan so users can easily catch up on promotional unlimited Broadband plan which is called ‘Experience Unlimited BB 249’ from September 9, 2016,” by the telecom PSU said in a proposition.

“The plan will develop the customer check up towards wire line broadband services and seduce new users to check up BSNL broadband services,” the corporation’s Chairman inclusive of Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava said in a pronouncement.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has exposed an entry level new boost broadband plan called Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 (BB249) post-paid. The move can be seen as a wipe retroact Reliance Jio’s multitude cassation, inasmuch as the state-run telecom operator in a report says it is notched at seducing new subscribers to BSNL’s broadband services.

Users will gain 2Mbps speed for the first 1GB of data, and later on get 1Mbps speed for the ease of the month. This appliance that if users use about 300GB of data in a month, they are influentially honouring less than Rs. 1 per GB of high-speed data.

The plan has been familiarized as an introductory offer, and will go exist from Friday, September 9. It will final for last six months only, after which BSNL will stop over customers to the BBG Combo ULD 499 plan, with a cost of Rs. 499 per month. The BB249 plan nay proposal unlimited free calls amongst 9pm to 7am on all Sundays to any network in India.  The free calling service is acquirable for all BSNL customers without any charge. BSNL adds that the free calling scheme aims at encouraging people use landline phone when they are at home and scrimp on mobile phone bills.  The company is beforehand providing free night calling amongst 9 PM to 7 AM where users can catch benefit and lay up free calls from their BSNL landline to any other landline or mobile athwart the country. Outside of the free call parentheses, BSNL will charge Re. 1 per 3 minutes for all BSNL network outgoing calls, and Rs. 1.2 per 3 minutes for all other network outgoing calls.


The BB249 plan is accessible only for new customers, both ADSL and FTTH. Installation charges will be stave off during the promotional period.

Shrivastava said more that BSNL is the one and only operator which is offering lowest rate per GB data download cost plan under broadband services in the country.

At Reliance Industries’ 42nd Annual General Meeting, Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said data should be “affordable”. He had said that opposite the popular market rate of Rs 250 per GB, Jio’s rates will be Rs 25-50 per GB full under on data usage. Reliance Jio 4G services is aiming 100 million customers.

Meantime, BSNL also said that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Telecom Department concerning performance based targets determinate to the telecom PSU.


BSNL signs MoU with Department of Telecom every year wherein few parameter execution based targets are consider to BSNL, by DOT and DPE (Department of Public Enterprises). On the backbone of annual cognition vis-a vis aim of the MoU, DPE estimate company’s performance and similarly awards rating to BSNL,” the liberation compiled.


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