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Solar Cooker – Conserve Energy Future made by Saiyed Alzubair

Solar Cooker :

A Solar Cooker is a simple Eco Friendly device which uses the solar energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. Generally, peoples from the towns or cities use LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) for the cooking purpose and villagers use fire wood or cow dung to cook the daily food. The negative effects of fuel combustion (LPG, Fire Wood and Cow Dung) on the environment – particularly greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released to the atmosphere that contribute to global warming – have received much attention in recent years.16 Hectares of forest destroyed annually by the peoples for only fire wood purpose in the world. Also due to the rising prices of LPG, there is a continuous demand for substitute fuel in domestic application.
Many Principles are for using Solar Cooker.

Solar Cooker3

1.)    Concentrating sunlight
2.)    Converting light energy to heat energy
3.)    Trapping heat energy

Solar Cooker2

When solar cookers are used outside, they do not contribute inside heat, potentially saving fuel costs for cooling as well. Any type of cooking may evaporate grease, oil, and other material into the air, hence there may be less cleanup.
Mr. Saiyed Alzubair  (MTech, in Thermal Engineering), BE (Mechanical Engineering) Associate Member of Solar Cookers International (SCI).

He promote the solar cooker through solar cooker construction workshop, solar cooking demonstration and Indore presentation about solar cooking.

He also give live demo of solar cooking experience to the society people by awareness seminars and workshops.

I hope, Rajkot peoples give best response to their campaign of solar cooker and participate with them.

Friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one person. Who is Mr. Saiyed Alzubair.

As well as he is  most helpful and understandable person. He is very passionate about his work.

Solar Cooker5

Saiyed Alzubair A
Mail ID:
Contact No: +91 95583 50506

Also i have attached the some photographs of solar cooking experience.

Solar Cooker4
Solar Cooker6
Solar Cooker8

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