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Agromek Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair


Agromek is Northern Europe’s  Largest Agricultural Fair held in Denmark. The Agromek is held each second year at MCH Messecenter  Herning. This Fair Is Very Important for the Agriculture Industries, Agriculture Supplier and its supplier and business  Partners. Here, everything is accumulated in one joined reasonable with seven parts. This Agromek Is Held on 29 November 25, 2016  to 2 December,2016.

This Fair is organize Every 2 years and year to year its popularity we take a look around the previous Agromek Detail of 2014.



Some Fact Agromek 2014 :

Exhibitors:                                           563

Visitors:                                                46,919

– hereof foreign visitors:                    6,444

Exhibition area (m2):                        48,248


Key numbers from 2014:

  • By and large, guests rate Agromek with 4.1 (on a size of 1-5, 5 being ideal)
  • 82% of the guests choose or impact purchasing
  • 81% spent a whole day or more at Agromek
  • 98% of the guests hope to visit Agromek once more


Facts from the exhibitor’s analysis in 2014:

  •  By and large, the exhibitors rate Agromek with 3.9 (on a size of 1-5, 5 being ideal)
  •  71% are happy with the quantity of guests at their organization’s stand
  •  88% are happy with the nature of the guests at their organization’s stand
  •  90% were visitied by outside visitors
  •  By and large the exhibitors rate the nature of and the enthusiasm from the remote visitors with 3.2 (on a size of 1-5, 5 being ideal)
  •  21% have gone into new coordinated efforts in light of their interest at Agromek
  •  95% of the exhibitors hope to show once more

Why visit Agromek?

This is the place the whole business systems, make their buys and increase new motivation and information.

Agromek gives you a knowledge into today’s most up to date patterns and item news inside worldwide farming – and what to anticipate in the closest future. Guests from everywhere throughout the world meet up close and personal with Danish and outside providers, teammates and associates. Gotten to be enlivened, exchange and system with exhibitors. Partake in the fairs numerous displays, exercises, classes and occasions.

Visit Agromek and get a uniqe reasonable affair, which will overhaul you on the freshest advancement and reinforce your system.

Floor Plan of Fair 2016



To Get ticket for Agromek  Visit:


Different  Sector

1)    Agricultural machinery

Product groups

  • Harrows, ploughs and rollers
    • Seeding machines
    • Slurry spreader and manure
    • Sprayers
    • Watering
    • Machines for potatoes and vegetables
    • Loaders and wagons
    • Electronic and measuring equipment for farming
    • Parts and accessories

2)    Tractors and combine harvesters

Product groups

  • Tractors
    • Combine harvesters
    • Balers and equipment
    • Parts & accessories

3)    Crop management

Product groups

  • Storage
    • Transport
    • Drying
    • Heavy goods
    • Crops and feed
    • Mineral and vitamin supplements

4)    Livestock equipment

Product groups

  • Inventory
    • Milking equipment
    • Feeding facilities
    • Ventilation
    • Dung clearance
    • Slurry management
    • Building
    • Cleaning and tools
    • Pest control

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5)    Energy

Product groups

  • Furnaces
    • Bio energy
    • Straw burning furnace
    • Automatic stokers
    • Solar and wind energy

6)    Construction, road and park

Construction machinery & equipment

  • Excavators
    • Loaders
    • Mini excavators and mini loaders
    • Dumpers
    • Dozers
    • Compaction material
    • Machinery for handling of material
    • Equipment for construction machines
    • Cranes and lifting gear
    • Construction site equipment

Road – winter machinery

  • Salt spreaders
    • Snow ploughs
    • Road sweepers
    • Salt mixer facilities
    • Gritters
    • GPS controlled salt spreading

Park machinery

  • Machines for parks and green areas
    • Verge cutters and lawnmowers
    • Rotary mowers
    • Cylinder cutters
    • Vertical cutters
    • Flail mowers
    • Sweeping/extraction machines
    • Tool carriers
    • Compact tractors and ATVs

7)    Knowledge and service

Product groups

  • Development
    • Research
    • Establishment
    • Financial
    • IT
    • Education
    • Consulting



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