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Celebs died young

4.Divya Bharti:

  Alas! What a death! Still a mystery… 19 year old Divya Bharti left the world in mysterious circumstances. Murder or suicide…? Still a question…! Extremely beautiful Divya Bharti had not tasted the flop show in her life during her little career.

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5.Madhubala :

Legendry Madhubala lost her battle to illness and left us at the age of 39.

6.Smita Patil:

Smita Patil, phenomenal actress known for her touchy and sensitive roles in her movies died at the young age of 31. The National Award and Padma Shri Award were given to her. Has is not been death, it has been many more extraordinary roles to play…

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7.Silk Smitha:

South Indian actress Silk Smitha, known for her bold Avatar in movies took her own life at the age of 36. Turmoil in career and love life are believed to be the reasons behind her deadly step. She is the inspiration behind the block buster movie -The Dirty Picture. Classic Vidhya Balan played the role of Silk Smitha.


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