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Biggest International Event to Explore Your Business in UAE The Big 5 Event

Big 5 Event 

Dubai is organize a very large business event called Big 5 Event. A place where all business person are together  for expanding their business on international Event.  A very large International event in world, which include all the business and it’s main highlights is the “Construction Event”. The Big 5 Event  main focus is link all construction event.

This year The Big 5 Event has made it considerably simpler for you to discover the items you require and the key providers to work with, with a shiny new floor arrange format and devoted item segments. Go along with us from 21 – 24 November at the Dubai World Trade Center to investigate the most recent in development. This year dubai held an event Big 5 and its official website is :

Register Your Business with Big 5 Event and promot  your Business with international Client.

What is big 5 event??

The Big 5 is a progression of development exchange fairs beginning in Dubai associating worldwide providers of development items and administrations with purchasers from the MENA locale.

The Big 5 in Dubai is held annually in late November and attracted many businessmen through world wide.

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Sorted out by DMG Events Middle East, Asia and Africa, there are five yearly versions of the show that occur in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India and Indonesia. Two further releases are set to introduction, one for East Africa (Kenya, propelling in 2016) and one in North Africa (Morocco, propelling in 2017).

The Big 5 has its sources in an occasion known as Arab Water and came to fruition from an amalgamation of five separate item engaged occasions that all had a connection to the development, for example, HVAC and building materials.

With the working of the Dubai World Trade Center, which started to create in the late 1970s, the occasion found a perpetual home and has extended in size alongside the setting. At the point when DMG Events Middle East, Asia and Africa procured the presentation in 2000, the occasion secured somewhere in the range of 12,000m²: this has ascended to a present figure of 113,526m² in gross floor space and 48,184m² in net displaying zone.

Who is Participate in Big 5 Event….??

Yes,You can participate in this event by registering on Big 5 Event official website:

 What Kind Of Busiiness represented in Big 5 Event…??

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  • Building Envelope & Special Construction
  • Building interior & Finisher
  • Construction Tools & Building Materials
  • MEP services
  • Smart Building & Design Technology


Development and its expansion

The Big 5 has brought forth six geo-adjusted occasions, where center components of the presentation have been sent out to new markets. This has brought about the making of:

  • The Big 5 Kuwait,
  • The Big 5 Saudi,
  • The Big 5 Construct India,
  • The Big 5 Construct Indonesia,
  • The Big 5 Construct East Africa, and
  • The Big 5 Construct North Africa.

Special features : educational features and business seminar

Since 2010 there has likewise been an expanding accentuation on instruction inside the occasions – as meetings, classes and workshops – to bolster proceeded with expert advancement among groups of onlookers.

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The instructive projects are introduced by a wide-choice of the business’ planners, specialists, temporary workers and sub-contractual workers who volunteer their time and aptitude to facilitate the improvement of the development segment. These free training segments likewise incorporate affirmation, supervised by the UK-based CPD Certification Service, so participation can add to a man’s enrollment remaining in associations, for example, RICS or the CIOB.



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