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Great news for vegetarian pizza-lovers, No non-veg for this Navratris, In Dominos

Dominos :

Starting from October 1, 2016, half of the Dominos outlets in India will turn pure vegetarian to bring in the horde of people who will be fasting during 9 days of  Navratri.

If  You might remember,  Domino’s did the same thing last year as well, and it so hardly made any difference. So what is the big deal this time around?

Anyways, during Navratri 2015, only 164 outlets across the country turned vegetarian for that period. So now  this time, the almost number of all-veg Dominos outlets has gone up to 500.


There is a yearly decrease in pizza sales in India during the Navratri period, but Dominos pizza will not be striking with their sales by adopting an all-veg menu.

According to a report in the Economic Times,  the Dominos Navratri menu will added pizza bases made of singhara atta  which is water chestnut flour, dumplings  and saabudana crispies and sauces and  cheese  with only rock salt.

The pizza grip will not use onion and garlic and will do away with grains that are not applied during the Navratri  period.


While this is quite interesting news for vegetarian pizza-lovers, who won’t have to detach themselves of pizzas during Navratri.

For  the non-vegetarians will have to either make do with veg options, or  go to other places to complete their pizza greed.


But, the silver wadding is, after the nine-day period of Navratri, all the non-veg favorites will be back on  good offer.

So, non-vegetarians,  Don’t off your mood and also no need to step aside on going to Dominos.

As for the vegetarians, this festive season of  Navratri might just be the some  best time to spend and  have family dinners at Dominos pizza outlets in  all over India.

With 1,062 restaurants in 248 cities, Domino’s leads the united  pizza market with a more than 70% share.


“Pizza being a very variegated  product,  so that we have been adroit  to create this menu, as ” Amritesh , the company’s India president, said. Turning all-vegetarian for such a huge number of stores was a large impulsive  involving logistical challenges and aligning with suppliers, This move is an acknowledgement that whether  we are a universal brand, we are aware about what consumer needs as he said.

By turning vegetarian, Domino’s main aim is to attract more boost and orders ,sales growth, which had been slowing with customers cutting back on discretionary spending

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