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Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali to launch ‘Swadeshi’ jeans

Patanjali : 

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali on Sunday declared that he venture into the garments and soon launch “Swadeshi” jeans by end of the year or early next year for the youth of the country. Ramdev also said that he is looking to enlarge his business venture and soon to launch ” Indianised  ” jeans considering the huge requirement in India. he also have intention to emulate with international brands.

According to report, This new business venture may be known as a ‘Paridhaan’. “Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry spirituality with modernity, we can make, let’s say desi jeans,” he added.

In an interview , Baba Yog Guru, Ramdev said that “Paridhaan” will have  women’s  and men’s  apparels, with a large range of modern and traditional  clothes including denims.


The idea came from many followers making  interrogation for yoga wear, Ramdev said.

Ramdev said that he is enlarging his business to put an effort to the impact of multinational companies that have been capitalising India’s markets for decades.

Patanjali also wants to enter home products and nutritive oils like toilet cleaners. There’s a enormous vacuum in the market for quality products and Patanjali gets benefit from spacious public allegiance that ensures success for all our products,” Ramdev said.

“When we want Indians winning medals in sports, then why can’t we develop the same energy in economic chasing and dominate in businesses on our own? My battle is against multinational corporations for trying to take over our finance,” the yoga guru added.


Ramdev also declared that he is ready to launch Patanjali products universally and has decided to set up its units in international markets including Bangladesh, Nepal and some African nations. He also said that he would not suspect in gearing up Patanjali units in Afghanistan and Pakistan, if he gets the required permit.

“We have gear up factories in Bangladesh and Nepal and also are now oncoming African nations. Expedience acquired would be used in those countries for evolution, and won’t be ploughed back to India. Our popular products have reached  in countries like Saudi Arabia, and West Asia  as” Ramdev said.


Ramdev also added, he is going to arrange cater to rich countries like the Europe and United States via exports of his many products.

Ramdev also said that his proposed plants in Nagpur ,Mihan,  will be the largest unit in the country and that he will invest a sum of around Rs 1,000 crore for the machinery and infrastructure in the area.

Patanjali is in the procedure of gearing up big units in  Assam,  Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh ,Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal ,Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka, besides promoting auxiliary units in a huge number of places, as part of supply chain. “Our main aim is achieved Rs 50 lakh crore in the FMCG segment,” as Yog Guru said.


He more  added Patanjali is committed to manufacture quality products and has gear up research and development units where about 200 scientists work, which has forced foreign companies to come out with their R&D plans.

Patanjali presently has three factories and a bunch of contract manufacturers  and desire to gear up six more  factories in the next five years.


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